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PSO-RITE Psoas Muscle Release and Deep Tissue Massage Tool - Psoas, Back, Hip Flexor Release Tool, Psoas Massager, self Massage, deep Tissue, Muscle Tension - Sunset Red




  • Simple, aggressive, unmatched: the Pso-Rite is the most revolutionary self-care mobility massage and muscle release tool of our time. the psoas complex (hip flexors) are considered to be the soul of our body. they regulate our fight or flight response, support our digestive organs, regulate our breathing, and aid in pumping blood and lymph through our body.
  • Your massage therapist in your hands: designed to be the shape of a therapist’s hand and the hardness of an elbow, you now have your own in-house therapist to correct pain and dysfunction in the hip region any time you want. pressure and only pressure is what releases muscle tissue in the human body. the Pso-Rite psoas muscle release tool was designed to provide relief on the deepest level for any age, size, and shaped individual out there.
  • Versatile and precise: specifically designed to use one peak at a time on each psoas muscle, the Pso-Rite deep tissue massage tool is just as effective at releasing tightness in nearly every muscle of the body. use it on your hamstrings, thigh, inner thigh, calf, glutes, lower back, upper back, triceps, biceps, and chest. you are the pressure!
  • Deep-tissue massage tool always with you: available anytime you need it, anywhere you go. use your pso-rite in your gym sessions, sports trainings, in the office or comfortably at home.
  • The recommended amount of time to stay in any given position using the Pso products is 5 – 60 seconds. always consult a doctor before using a massage apparatus. dimensions: length 10.7″, width 5″, height 5.3″, peak to peak 6.3″. weight 1.15 lb. Pso-Rite is made in the USA. Patented US pat. no. d823,479